Who is emma kennedy dating bradley whitford dating sarah court

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To be honest, I wasn't very aware of her beforehand; I hadn't read her books.

You know that old story about comedy writers being miserable? Take a story which involves a premature death and being shot in the neck. I know she recently got married to her partner Georgie Gibbon – she posted a picture, they looked happy and lovely. “I love Twitter.”Kennedy is a polymath and she’s had a long career. She’s an actress (she’s appeared in a slew of telly programmes).

After graduating she trained as a solicitor, and practised as a city solicitor for three years until 1995. People used to come in wanting to sue the pants off of someone and I'd stare at them and say 'Let it go', which isn't what you should be doing if you're a litigator." Later she became a script editor for Giedroyc's double act with Sue Perkins, and for the Mel and Sue series Late Lunch, Kennedy worked as a writer.

Kennedy presented the last series of The Real Holiday Show on Channel 4 in 2000.

She has since made appearances in TV comedies Goodness Gracious Me, This Morning With Richard Not Judy (with Lee and Herring), Jonathan Creek alongside Alan Davies and Caroline Quentin, People Like Us (with Chris Langham) and hit BBC comedy The Smoking Room, along with appearing in several of The Mark Steel Lectures, as well as in several plays and radio shows.

She was also a movie reviewer on Five's Terry and Gaby Show.

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