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Just started off a new relationship and want to build some sexual tension?

You will be apprehensive about how to make your partner open about his/her sexual desires.

One moment’s carelessness with your phone could mean a lifetime’s misery.

One father made a grave error when he wrote: 'Hey sexy! You have only to remember Tess Daly’s stricken face when it was revealed her husband Vernon Kay had been ‘sexting’ another woman to know how ­seriously such actions are taken by the betrayed spouse.True, it may not be the fatal body blow that full-blown physical ­adultery inflicts, but that’s no ­reason to deceive yourself about the capacity this correspondence has to destroy your family.What is clear, however, is that you’re far more taken with the romantic, flirtatious side of this relationship than the potential physical release, if you proceed towards a full-blown affair.Scared to talk dirty to your partner and need some help?

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