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He has a powerful, unique and highly effective way of reaching kids. "--Josh Mc Dowell, Josh Mc Dowell Ministries"I sincerely believe if our students had heard Justin speak when they were teens many would not be locked up in our prison now."--Bud Gossett, retired principal, Windham School District, Texas Department of Criminal Justice"After a motorcycle accident put big white scars across my arms and stomach I was sure I would never enter another beauty pageant. - Guys will lie to you to get what they want- If he'll do it for you, he'll do it to you- If he doesn't call it doesn't mean he hates you- A guy will treat you like you are dressed- You might be talking too much- He doesn't want sex with you because he loves you, he wants it 'cuz you're a girl and you're willing- Guys love a mystery Guys, did you know?

Justin (Lookadoo) taught me to stay focused, work hard, use a little black body paint and develop the courage to go on."--Sheena Simmons, Miss East Texas, Miss Texas USA Contestant "It has been said that procrastination occurs because of lack of enthusiasm. - If you're too scared to ask her, then you're not man enough to go out with her- Girls will lie to themselves to get what they want- Girls love it when you plan things- You control how far you go- Girls have their own kind of porn- You can be a "real man" without becoming a "bad boy" - Girls don't understand you Justin Lookadoo Hometown: Tyler, Texas Favorite Food: Fast Favorite Color: Eggplant Favorite Book: The ones he writes Hobbies: Origami, lawn bowling Dateability: * * * * ½ (Stars)Hayley Morgan Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee Favorite Food: Yes Favorite Color: Pink Favorite Book: Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography Hobbies: Spear fishing, Ham radio Dateability: * * * * * (Stars)Check out more about being Dateable at all Product description Why is everything in this book about the male being dominant and the female submissive? At one point, the author states that "this whole women's lib thing has less to do with women getting rights and more to do with men becoming pansies." Skewed, homophobic logic drives sentiments like this. Most of the second half of this book is about outdated, stereotypical roles of boys and girls.

De Marco Majors has been having a recurring dream — one he’s spent countless hours trying to decipher.

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The daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis not only showed up to the wedding of Peta Murgatroyd and Maksim Chmerkovskiy at the Oheka Castle in Long Island, New York on Saturday looking like a stunner in a white gown.He doesn’t say what city the dream takes place in, but he asks a guy in the dream’s candy store, “Which way is Eighth Avenue? Majors interrupts himself, “The crazy thing is I know exactly what I was wearing. The former basketball star interrupts himself, recalling how uncomfortable his clothes in the dream were.Majors says he realizes the houses he’s passing symbolize a way of life. The city streets turn to country roads and he’s still walking.The book combines the best of marriage preparation research with a fun, easy-to-follow format.The first part speaks to ten different themes, each theme being a chapter: Sharing Hopes, Dreams and Expectations; Appreciating Your Differences; Communicating and Connecting; Solving Problems as a Couple; Managing Your Money; Leaving and Cleaving; Celebrating Intimacy, Love and Romance; Realizing Roles and Planning for Family; Developing Spiritual Intimacy; and Choosing an Intentional Marriage.

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