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Thanks to a well-organised campaign, the amount of salt being added to our food is falling. Years ago, it was shown that people with very high blood levels of cholesterol are at greater risk of heart disease.Over the past eight years, most products in our supermarkets have had their salt content reduced by between 20 and 40 per cent. Our average salt consumption in the UK is around 9g per person per day. It then became accepted wisdom that everyone with elevated cholesterol must also be at increased risk of heart disease. Ever since Lesher’s body was found at the bottom of a lake in May, her friends and family have been debating whether Thorstenson murdered her. Thorstenson rode into Margaret Lesher’s life on a 2,500-pound buffalo, and six months later the wealthy, widowed California socialite married the handsome cowboy.I did this after reading research which showed that the amount of salt we add to our meals depends almost entirely on the size of the holes in our salt cellars.We automatically give the cellar a couple of shakes - and that is that.

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“We told ’em a lot about cattle psychology, which is not too complicated,” remembers Rosser.For decades, there has been pressure to reduce the salt content of our food, and with good reason.Eating too much salt puts up your blood pressure, and high blood pressure is the biggest single cause of death worldwide.The official government recommendation is now 6g - the equivalent of a teaspoon's worth, or the amount of salt you'd find in a bacon sandwich. That led to campaigns to reduce dietary cholesterol, which led, among other things, to a crusade against fat and eggs.Guided by the food industry, people cut out eggs and switched from healthy fats to margarines rich in transfats - which turn out to be worse for our hearts than the fats they replaced.

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