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Time Magazine named the Eyeborg among the top 50 inventions of 2009.

Since then, Spence has put the tech to use, filming a documentary.

Most people agree that neither car seemed sure of the other driver’s intentions - which led both to make a bad call.

New South Wales police have stated that no one was injured in the incident, and the matter has been investigated.

The police car is on the left, and with sirens on goes through the intersection too - before hitting the rear of the red car.

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This discussion has come up a couple of times - the most recent incarnation is here on Google Groups. " Thanks to Nikita Kazeev for several suggestions which didn't come up in the original Usenet discussion.Rather than use a Go Pro or Facebook Live to document his surroundings, Spence can do so with his own eye.He’s been stumping at TED Talks, boasting the technology, which has robot enthusiasts calling it a first step toward technological “singularity” e.g. After a childhood accident with a shotgun — a la “A Christmas Story” — left him blind in his right eye, Spence decided not to let it slow him down in his career as a filmmaker.The traffic circle receives vehicles from five different directions: Chebucto Road and Quinpool Road on the Halifax Peninsula, Herring Cove Road and St.Margaret’s Bay Road on the Chebucto Peninsula, and Joseph Howe Drive, which runs along the isthmus of the Halifax Peninsula.

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