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Marcos Galperin (Chairman, President & Chief executive officer) ; Pedro Arnt (Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer) ; Stelleo Tolda (Vice president & Chief operating officer) ; Osvaldo Giménez (Vice president-Payments) ; Daniel Rabinovich (Senior Vice president and Chief technology officer) ; Marcelo Melamud (Vice president and Chief Accounting Officer) Mercado Libre, Inc.

(literally "free market" in Spanish) or Mercado Livre in Portuguese (Brazil, Portugal) is an Argentine company incorporated in the United States that operates online marketplaces dedicated to e-commerce and online auctions, including

But let us not forget that the population consists of a huge variation of many races and mixes.In 1999, Mercado Libre was chosen as an Endeavor company.In 2006, Mercado launched new operations in Costa Rica, Panama and Dominican Republic.But typically, they may accept more physical contact than what you are used to from your country.And it is common to get very close to each other when talking.

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