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When Andy is talking to Grant, just after he meets Julia, they go to sit down and she takes her whole bikini off.She is supposed to be fully naked, but the strap of a flesh-colored thong is visible.“There certainly are people who watched the pirated copies who weren’t going to see it anyway,” said Michael Smith, a professor of information technology and marketing at CMU and one of the study’s co-authors.“But the real fans are the ones who rush out on opening weekend, and what’s harmful is when it’s available on pirate sites before there is a legal channel to see it.Cindy finds out the house she lives in is haunted by a little boy and goes on a quest to find out who killed him and why.Also, Alien "Tr-i Pods" are invading the world and she has to uncover the secret in order to stop them.That likely contributed to the action movie’s dismal box-office debut this weekend. Moreover, that’s despite “Expendables 3” becoming available more than three weeks prior to the film’s U. SEE ALSO: ‘Expendables 3’ Flops: Is Piracy to Blame?

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Now it is possible to view the way your newsletter will be displayed in common email programs right on the page of newsletter creation! You can use these templates to design a custom email template; the templates come in a variety of formats and can be customized with your logo and colors.You’re asking people to not only not see a pirated copy, but to wait a few weeks.” However, it seems evident that other key factors conspired to depress the box-office take.Those include unfavorable reviews for the aging franchise (with a 35% critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes), not to mention its aging cast.It’s impossible to know how “Expendables 3” would have fared in the absence of piracy.A recent study by Carnegie Mellon University researchers estimated, based on several assumptions, that films subject to prerelease piracy generate 19% lower box-office revenue compared with those pirated after theatrical debut.

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