Mark rypien daughter dating

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Instead of simply putting on their jerseys and hitting the field or the rink, today’s athletes have earned celebrity status thanks to their high salaries, famous families, chiseled good looks and life in the perpetual spotlight.

The best player on the best team in the NL is dating one of the breakout stars of the Lingerie Football League who also happens to play for a hometown team.

The museum, with an annual operating budget in the neighborhood of million, gets 0,000 a year from the commission.

Local media has gotten in on the story, and the kerfuffle has now attracted the attention of hard-right Catholic League head Bill Donohue, who issued a letter targeting museum director Debi Gray.

Specifically, it’s a crusade over a painting of a tea party, and one that involves threats to revoke a museum’s public funding, in the latest battle in the decades-long American culture wars.

The outrage this time around is inspired by , a 2003 painting by the self-professed “pop surrealist” artist Mark Ryden, included in a show opening Saturday at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Virginia Beach.

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