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“We have just spent quite a bit on attorney fees ...

and I think that we will be spending a bit more throughout the year,” Mc Kenna said.

"When we vote, we will know who is in favor of animal cruelty." Rep.

Michael Chippendale, R-Foster, chided Lima and insisted "no one gets rich off" of eggs.

She notes that, importantly, the bill will equip employees with a private right of action for retaliation.

She says the time to plan for compliance is now, as compliance includes developing new policies and scheduling practices.

The Humane Society has been pushing this issue hard in Rhode Island, following the success of a Massachusetts ballot measure last fall.Oregon lawmakers approved the nation’s first statewide measure requiring predictive scheduling for employees. Kate Brown signs as expected, the bill takes effect July 1, 2018, and requires large employers in the retail, hospitality, and food service industries to provide workers with seven days of advance notice of their designated work shifts. Courtney Blanchard, an attorney with Nilan Johnson Lewis in Minneapolis who has helped national employers comply with similar requirements in cities like San Francisco and Seattle, says businesses will need to become well-versed in the law’s nuances, particularly the various kinds of “premium pay” required when an employee’s schedule changes without proper notice.For example, employees may be entitled to an additional hour of pay or a higher hourly rate.The Town Board is reviewing a call for a local law to be enacted that would require firearms be unloaded and secured with trigger locks when stored.The town supervisor, though, isn’t keen on the idea.

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