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In 1829, just a few months prior to the publication of the first volume of his I trust I shall make my sketch of the progress of geology popular. John] Fleming is frightened and thinks the age will not stand my anti-Mosaical conclusions and at least that the subject will for a time become unpopular and awkward for the clergy, but I am not afraid.I shall out with the whole but in as conciliatory a manner as possible.] what will free the science from Moses, for if treated seriously, the [church] party are quite prepared for it.A bishop, Buckland ascertained (we suppose [Bishop] Sumner), gave Ure a dressing in the .They see at last the mischief and scandal brought on them by Mosaic systems … Probably there was a beginning—it is a metaphysical question, worthy of a theologian—probably there will be an end. I conceived the idea five or six years ago [1824–25], that if ever the Mosaic geology could be set down without giving offence, it would be in an historical sketch, and you must abstract mine, in order to have as little to say as possible yourself.He further sees the city as an anthropological manuscript with all itsmisspellings and torn pages, but also an abode of a society's saintsand sinners.

In his private correspondence, Lyell admitted to the strongly anti-biblical (“anti-Mosaical”) nature of his ideas.

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This indicates that a city in its self is enough ateacher and its citizens are its students, as Haider further said citycitizens never graduate. It istherefore not surprising when a city becomes a meeting point betweenall kinds of writers and critics.

For the writer, the city is his laboratory but also a text from whichhe receives inspiration for his writings: because the writer mustwrite out of what he sees around him and he must write truthfullyabout it, or he must come to terms with what is ugly in it, andpretend that it is not bad.

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