Dating a survival guide from the frontlines

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This is all good advice, considering the reputed advantages of the study buddy system and the benefits of networking with successful peers.

Kunjufu also emphasizes the important of effective time management and faithful class attendance.

C., New York, where I organized for Rezpect Our Water, and finally here in North Dakota.

I was one of the first people to get arrested, two days after I arrived.

The pending legislation addresses both the modification of child support payments and child custody orders.

Michael Robinson, a lobbyist on family court issues in California who spearheaded the bill through the California Assembly and Senate, appears to have been successful in convincing California legislators that when military personnel are sent to potentially face death in Iraq, it is grossly unfair to allow ex-spouses to take advantage of this situation by filing suit for custody of the children when deployed service members are in no position to fight for their rights in court.

Jawanza Kunjufu attempts to create exactly this type of manual in his latest book, Black College Students in mind, and chock full of helpful hints and wise insights from those who have already chartered the path and overcome the obstacles — is just what some Black youths may need to make it through the undergraduate experience.

Jawanza Kunjufu attempts to create exactly this type of manual in his latest book. And while he should e applauded for the effort he has directed toward shepherding our youth through some very trying years, his less-than-eloquent prose and trite lectures just don’t make the grade.

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I was working in film at the time, but I dropped it all to come here—caravanning from Los Angeles to the Democratic National Convention in Philly, Ohio, Washington, D.

In 1997 he was selected on Australia's first course for service as a commando, in 2002 he was selected on the first course run for domestic counter terrorism outside of the Special Air Service Regiment.

He spent five years as an operator in the Tactical Assault Group and was the Officer in Charge of Selection for Special Forces before departing from service life as a major in 2011.

Unable to change their orders until they get back a year or more later, they sometimes return home to face arrest for child support they can't afford to pay.

Or they discover they no longer have any access to their children, because of a family court hearing initiated by a vindictive ex-spouse, one they were unable to attend while they fought for their country.

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