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However, as part of its population control measures, the Chinese government later forbade polyandrous marriage altogether under family law.Even though it is currently illegal, after collective farming was phased out and the farmed land reverted in the form of long-term leases to individual families, polyandry in Tibet is de facto the norm in rural areas.“Couldn’t he be even a little seductive, instead of asking for sex as if he were asking for a game of tennis?” she thinks when Stu calls a timid proposition down the hall of their Manhattan apartment.Compared with the familiar priapic preening of hunger-for-younger lit, Heyman’s frank tales of conjugal relations among the old—the competing desires, the jealousies, and always the particular demands of the “aged flesh” itself, with its “papules, papillomas, skin tags, moles”—feel paradoxically taboo on the page, all the more so for the fierce candor with which they examine the sexuality of older women, a demographic generally assumed to have none to speak of. When they got together a decade ago, after her first husband’s death, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

When the People's Republic of China annexed Tibet, political systems in many regions of Tibet remained unchanged until, between 19, political reforms changed the land ownership and taxation systems.

A marriage contract puts a protective shell around your relationship that helps keep your bond strong when there are bumps in the road—it gives couples a sense of security that they'll stay together no matter what.

Plus, it's harder to leave if everyone you know identifies you as being part of a married couple, as opposed to an individual person who happens to be dating so and so.

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